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Brand MIEGOFCE is an European-style clothing,which design originated from the highest houses of Italy,the birthplace of classic fashion and latest fashion trends- Milan.MIEGOFCE put together the best designers who seek to create high-quality clothes and continuously carry out research in the fields of textile and tailoring.Along with the new European trends we create the most suitable for western taste fashionable and comfortable clothes,developing a new high-quality brand.
To reach the best woman clothes' top store brand in Aliexpress, MIEGOFCE have gone through 10 years of Jacket export activity, from whole export amount of 200 - 300 thousands units each model of our produce sales reach around 20 000 units a year, and now we have a 99.5% excellent feedback rate. The team of professionals, make professional products that every pretty woman worth to have in her wardrobe.

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